Welcome to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners

Creating Awareness, Promoting Stewardship

Welcome to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners

Creating Awareness, Promoting Stewardship

Photographs courtesy of Pat Morrow

About Us

The Columbia Wetlands is a very large wetland and river system located on the Upper Columbia River, in the East Kootenay portion of BC. Several major communities are located along the edge of the river and wetlands.

They are recognized as a wetland of international importance by the United Nations under the RAMSAR Treaty.The system stretches 150 km from Canal Flats and Invermere in the south, to Golden in the north. The system is a complex mix of federal, provincial, municipal and private lands, covering 26,000 ha in total. Provincial lands in the wetlands are managed as the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area. Federal portions are managed as three National Wildlife Areas. There are also significant areas of private lands in the system.

The wetlands are very important to the people that live in the communities adjacent to the wetlands. Over the last several years, a major interest on the part of local NGOs, industry sectors and these communities has developed around assisting federal and provincial agencies in the stewardship and management of this very special wetland and river system.

The Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners group was formed in 2006. It is made up of over 31 groups, communities and agencies concerned with the wetlands.

Latest News

The Wetlands

River Guide

This guide provides recreational boaters with information on accessing and using the lakes and rivers of the Columbia River headwaters.

Map of the Wetlands

Maps of the Columbia Wetlands and Upper Columbia River. Below you will find a selection of maps from the various projects that have been completed in the wetlands.

Media Gallery

What better way to show you the wonders of Columbia Wetlands than through a variety of different images taken around the wetlands.


The Resources section of our website contains information about past projects that have taken place in the wetlands, projects currently taking place, a Reference Library and other information we wish to make known from time to time about the wetlands. For the most part, it is the science and research area of CWSP.

  • Project Reports

    The Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners, working with others, have completed a wide range of projects in the wetlands. You can read the final reports from some of these projects below. If you would like an overview of all the projects completed by the Partners, please email or call the Executive Director.
  • Reference Library

    Our reference library contains the current and historical known research papers, projects, and land use plans for the Columbia Wetlands. It is a work in progress with currently over 1800 citations and more being added every year. CWSP where possible houses the entire document of a reference in the library, which can be downloaded if desired.
  • Strategic Plan

    The Columbia Wetlands Conservation Action Framework for 2020-2025 is now available for download. This resource will outline a five-year strategy for the CWSP to strengthen our leadership and effectiveness in conserving the exceptional ecological and cultural values of the Columbia Wetlands.